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We can help you smash your writing goals!

Whether you're looking for mentoring and advice, a book assessment, help pitching your book, or support to build your brand as an author, we can help you! 

We'll provide an initial consultation about your book, including assessing your progress and developing a plan of attack for publication


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We'll chat to you about your writing goals, and provide editorial advice on a piece of your work, including advice on how to get published.


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We'll work with you to develop an online presence to promote your work, including an author website and social media profiles

$200 - $500 

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"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop. I learned much about the mysteries of developing a unique social media identity, thanks in large part to your gift for creating a warm atmosphere for easy conversation."

Dr Skye Saunders

"The workshop was fantastic - Zoya [the facilitator] genuinely engaged with each of us, what we wanted out of the day, our writing style, and how to best get our voice out there. I walked in thinking I was a foolish girl with fantasies of becoming a writer, not even sure why I'd signed up - I walked out ready to publish my writing and take on the world!"

Codie Bell

"Working with Zoya has been a wonderful experience.  My book is so much better because of her guidance. She gave me excellent, clear feedback and suggestions that pushed me to go further. Her suggestions as to how to move forward with publication are helpful and of course I am now hoping for a positive outcome and that the world out there will get to read the book we have both worked on."

Mary Powell

"Zoya is an engaging, approachable and honest presenter. Not only is her advice very practical, it also seems achievable. Thank you for the motivation and inspiration."

Amanda Diaz